Shark Fitness Training has OUTDOOR, socially distanced boot camp sessions in Francis Park in St. Louis Hills and Shaw Park in Clayton! Stay tuned for information on sessions restarting in Kirkwood and Crestwood.

Francis Park – St. Louis Hills Sessions:
SOLD OUT! • DECEMBER  2020 MWF 6am – 7am • SOLD OUT!
Registrants also receive discounted access to our on demand library of classes to supplement their in-person training.


• No shared equipment among Clients – you must bring your own resistance bands (we have sets and individual add-on bands for sale $10 – $40)

• You will be responsible for holding on to your keys during class  (a carabiner on your water bottle or a key belt works great!)

• You will be expected to maintain proper distancing throughout the entire class. 

• If you are feeling ill, have a temperature or other coronavirus symptoms, please stay home.

From March well into December we train outdoors – in the heat, the cold, the wind and the rain and still earn results. We believe that training in less than ideal conditions builds character and a fitness mindset. Occasionally we are forced inside due to unfavorable weather conditions. Location changes or cancellation for classes due to inclement weather will be announced on our Facebook page.




We believe there is an elite trainee inside every person willing do the work. Shark Fitness Training isn’t for everyone – just those with the resolve to train to their highest capacity and receive honest feedback about their performance.  Show up, listen, work hard and earn your true potential.

Whether you are a long-time Shark or you’ve never trained with us and are looking for a way to do at-home workouts with little to no equipment on hand, subscribe to our on demand boot camp classes. To maximize your workout, we recommend purchasing a set of bands and try our basic training series during your 5-day FREE trial. 

Your monthly subscription fee also includes access to join our livestream Zoom classes MWF 6am -7am, TTH 6pm-7pm and SAT 8am – 9am. Let’s get started and see if you have what it takes to be a Shark!





What They Say About Us

“Today marks one year since I became a Shark. That was 52 weeks and more than 15 pounds ago! Thanks for allowing me to join this esteemed group. You guys push me and inspire me to work harder and be a better person! Looking forward to the next year of sweaty morning workouts with Shark Nation!”

Jeff E.

Shark Fitness Training Boot Camp Client

“Today is my one-year anniversary training with Shark Fitness Training and it has me filled with gratitude. I celebrated this morning by working hard with friends and loving it…at least afterwards! I’m thankful that Shark and fitness have become an absolute priority in my life.

Cheers to my fellow Sharks who inspire me with their accomplishments & make me laugh along the way. Heartfelt thanks to Keath Hausher for sharing his knowledge and uncompromising dedication to excellence, and for pushing my limits while keeping me safe. I still have a long journey to peak wellness, but it feels within reach with you all in my corner. I’m excited for what’s ahead. Let’s take this to the next level!”


Shark Fitness Training Boot Camp Client

“If I am having a rough day and don’t feel very motivated all I need to do is look next to me. Every single person in class has been an inspiration to me in one way or another. That is what makes Shark Fitness so special and that is why I feel great when I finish class. We are much more than a class; we are a way of life. We work hard and motivate each other in ways you may never understand. I am proud to work out with this extraordinary group of trainers and clients.”

Lisa T.

Shark Fitness Training Boot Camp Client

A Proven Track Record of Results

Training is either easy or effective…never both.

There was a time when people understood that you had to work hard to achieve goals. Today, it seems that most are waiting for the easy, overnight and “fun” way to better health. Good luck with that. We promote the idea of working hard for 4 hours a week so that the other 164 are more productive, healthy and enjoyable. That’s a pretty good trade if you ask me. Shark Fitness: No Nonsense. No Excuses. Just Results!

New to Shark Fitness Training Boot Camp?

What to Expect

Our classes start very promptly and ask that Clients arrive early to drop off their keys and pick-up their resistance bands. Clients should arrive well nourished, hydrated, dressed appropriately for the weather with water and a mat or towel if preferred. The class will start with a short jog, stretches and calisthenics designed to get the body ready to work.

Each class is different. Clients perform a variety of strength and endurance challenges along with calisthenics that addresses all areas of the body equally. The two primary focuses of the program is hard work and attention to detail in regards to training technique. Timed sets and three different levels of resistance bands are used to allow each person to genuinely train at their best level without competing or comparing themselves to other clients.

Our Clients average over 10 years in the program and they are the true reason behind our success by creating an outstanding supportive environment for new trainees. The class will feel overwhelming as you start, as any professional training program should. Results have to be earned and it certainly isn’t easy. When you are ready to train professionally by people who genuinely care about your success, Shark Fitness Training is the obvious choice.

Click here to see our welcome video. Learn the proper, safe form and techniques for the exercises you’ll be asked to perform, our training philosophy and tips for motivation. Welcome to Shark Nation!

The Leader in St. Louis Boot Camp Training

What sets Shark Fitness Training Boot Camps Apart?

We don’t suck.  For the last 20+ years we have targeted hard-working, no nonsense people who care most about efficiently earning results.  They juggle busy schedules, heavy responsibilities, physical limitations and a wide variety of climates in a training environment that has an impeccable safety record.  Sharks, who average nearly 10 years in the program, come from a wide range of backgrounds, ages and fitness levels with a single common denominator…they kick ass.

Physically, our program can accommodate almost everyone…but if you are not willing to work hard, we are NOT for you.  Lazy isn’t welcome here!  Get ready to sweat, be out of breath, have your heart pound and be sore after your training.

Results from physical training CANNOT be easy, short-lasting, inconsistent or happen overnight!  You have to work your ass off for it.  When you combine strong training with clean and healthy nutrition, you are on your way to be a truly kick ass Shark!

Finally, our program is used by our brother organization, the Patriot Training Foundation, to train military personnel for the challenges ahead.  From before they enter to the day the uniform comes off for the last time, our program produces results than earn them the top PT scores.  Their lives depend on being optimally fit…so does yours.

If your goal is to get social media attention through selfies and fake accolades…take a walk.  If your goal is to be in the best condition possible and you are willing to work…there is no better choice than Shark Fitness Training.

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