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Welcome to our “Shark U.” educational series! Here you’ll gain valuable insights into fitness theory, exercise form, nutrition, motivation and other topics aimed at getting you in kick-ass shape.

At Shark Fitness Training, we emphasize our program as a way of life, and we intend for these educational resources to further you along in that aim. We promise everything here is worth your time and attention.

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Stacked Watermelon Arugula Salad

Summer is just about here, which means an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables are in season. A new favorite salad at Shark HQ is this refreshing Stacked Watermelon Arugula Salad. With our 6-days per week of curriculum in full swing for our Patriot Training Foundation military trainees, we are always looking for quick, healthy recipes to make for dinner


Amplify Your Ab Training

Though EVERY exercise can be an ab exercise, you can amplify your targeted abdominal training with some relatively inexpensive additions to your training equipment! That said, the most powerful weapons in the pursuit of a “6-pack” or a flat stomach are your fork and glass. Check out our equipment recommendations below and our video demonstrating how to use them effectively.


Ab Training 101

Today’s Shark U. is a mythbuster! What gives the illusion of a 6-pack of abs is actually one sheet of muscle that looks like different ones when you are lean enough that the ligaments press up against it. Check out our 90-second video with Keath and Shea demonstrating some common mistakes to avoid when training your abdominals. They’ll also teach


Overcoming Adversity & Never Giving Up

Last night, I was flipping channels after another long day and stumbled upon the National Geographic Channel’s program about the Galapagos Islands.  It was either that or an endless selection of reality television shows about people behaving like idiots to the delight of viewers with bad taste in entertainment.  Anyway, they featured the Galapagos Woodpecker Finch that has a taste for grubs


Anchors & Engines

You’re Only Human, Huh? Give yourself the green light to be exceptional Last year, a local young women’s high school sports team asked me to be their strength and conditioning coach for the season. I had a great time working with them until COVID shut things down. What I enjoyed so much about the team was the eagerness to improve


6 Straightforward Nutrition Tips

Here are some quick nutrition tips for optimal performance and weight management. 1. Eat 5-6 small meals a day and choose your food based on what level of activity you have planned over the next three hours. More activity? More calories and more carbs. Sitting on your couch at the end of the day? Few calories and no carbs. 2. Eat and



After 20+ years in the fitness industry, one of the most common questions I get is how to stay accountable to fitness goals. Let’s break it down into a few simple steps. Set definable goals. You must be able to measure progress against your goals to know if you are moving in the right direction or the wrong direction. Don’t


Common, But Dumb, “Combo Moves”

These two are ineffective, potentially dangerous and wasting your valuable time Knowing WHAT NOT TO DO when you train is just as important as knowing WHAT TO DO. Today Keath explains the reasons why two common “combo moves” are a bad idea and just not getting the job done. 🚫 Lunges + Biceps Curls Combo 🚫 Squats + Shoulder Press Combo


The BEST Gym

How Would You Rate Your Gym? There are two main factors in determining the quality of your gym…and it has NOTHING to do with the thread count of the towels.  Several years ago, I was asked to look at a very upscale gym that recently opened in my area. The owner mentioned the cost of the equipment, the fine wood


If It’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing Well. Let’s Talk Tempo!

What Part of the Lifting Movement Delivers the Results? Both – If You Lift With Proper Tempo Throughout 21 years of training civilians and military, I’ve stressed proper technique as being THE most important aspect of optimal training…followed very closely by high intensity. When you speak about correct training form, it generally can be broken down to two areas –


Fixed Machine, Barbell or Dumbbells – Which is best and WHY!

People are often intimidated by the free weights when they go to the gym and default to fixed machines, unintentionally performing less effective exercises. Gym confidence comes when you learn how to work in the gym – what exercises to perform, the proper sequence and tempo, and what equipment to use. Today’s Shark U. lesson takes a look at the


You Gained Weight During COVID. Now What?

It’s time to turn the tide on current weight gain trends! It seems like every day there is an alarming new study showing statistics of weight gain during the last yer and its detrimental effects. A year or so ago as the pandemic began, we learned that comorbidities – including being overweight or obese –   dramatically increased risk for


Portobello Mushroom Quinoa Gratin Recipe

The Shark HQ kitchen has been trying out and adapting some new recipes and this one passes the test of healthy, delicious and nutritious! We experimented with a base recipe and our final recipe includes protein-rich quinoa and low-fat, smaller quantity alternatives to some of the ingredients (heavy cream, yikes!). This dish can be used as a vegetarian main entree


Easy Sucks. Hard Work Saves Lives.

Wouldn’t it be great to see years of neglect disappear in a couple of weeks with the help of a supplement, ointment or ingenious device? What if ANY level of activity worked? Strolling around the neighborhood, yoga or dance classes just don’t cut it. For physical training to be truly effective it has to be hard…really hard. It includes having a


Why you should NEVER do dips.

Despite being one of THE most common exercises, chest and triceps dips are NOT a good movement. Not only do they have a very limited range of motion but also can damage and weaken the connective tissue in the shoulder.   What Should You Do Instead of Triceps Dips? The safe and more effective alternative is the triceps push-up. Unlike


Stop Overcomplicating Your Nutrition

A Simple Nutrition Strategy that WORKS Let’s talk about a habitual or lifestyle nutrition strategy that is simple. You don’t need to overcomplicate things. I’ll address the endless supplements, fad diets and fasting another time. Regardless of how hard you train, real success in weight management and overall health comes from your diet. Let’s start with one very basic yet


“Cardio” vs. Endurance

Fitness Truth Bomb! Strength Training IS Cardio Training! The two basic categories of exercise are strength and endurance training.  Many incorrectly think that the term “cardio” doesn’t apply to weightlifting…that is wrong.  Cardiovascular training is anything that elevates and maintains the heartrate in the training zone for an extended period of time.  Ideally, that is 45 minutes or more. Most


The Top 5 Signs of an Effective Fitness Training Program

What is the difference between being active and training? There are five key points to identifying the difference between an activity and legitimate training program. How does your program stack up? Balance. Your program should address all areas of the body equally: top and bottom, front and back and side to side. Range of Motion. Each muscle of the body should be


Oblique Ab Exercise: Low to High Hack

This is a great exercise to target the guts, specifically the obliques, but you must be diligent about the form. You can perform this exercise with a cable machine set on the lowest anchor point or use resistance bands with a low tie-off. Begin with your resistance band tied off low; squat down with your upper body rotated 90 degrees


Put your money on resistance training!

The undisputed top value in exercise is resistance training.  It offers more benefits than any other method of training and be tailored to produce specific results for each area of the body.  Plus, if done correctly, has exceptional cardiovascular benefits as long as you don’t screw around between your sets and maintain an effective training heartrate.  Unlike any form of


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