Shark Fitness Training Online Workouts

As the COVID-19 crisis developed, we were proud to offer our classes online at no cost for 3+ months from March through June! Currently, we are offering both in-person outdoor boot camp classes as well as Zoom livestream boot camps 4 times per week from Shark HQ! Subscribe today to get access to our livestream classes and unlimited access to our ever-growing on-demand library of classes.

Sharks who sign up for our in-person classes receive a promo code to get access to our livestream and on-demand library. You can also rent individual on-demand classes.

New to Shark Fitness Training?

1. Make sure you register before the start of class. You can click the registration link above to register and make sure the Zoom app is downloaded to your device.
2. We will have variations for no bands, resistance bands and weighted exercises, so make sure you have your equipment and water nearby. You might also want to have a mat as well for abdominal work. We have a limited number of bands available from our supplier that are available for purchase and curbside pickup. Please see #3 above for details.
3. We would love to “see” as many of you in the class via video share on your end. Great to see your classes and it’s also an opportunity for form checks on various exercises. All we ask is your best effort and attention to detail on form. 
4. We always welcome your feedback, so please keep it coming. If there’s specific content or information you’d like us to focus on, please let us know.

Welcome to Shark Fitness Training

Please take a few minutes to watch this video introducing you to proper form of the exercises you’ll be asked to perform in class. We will always suggest variations for those of you with no equipment, but HIGHLY recommend getting resistance bands to enhance your workout. Our favorites are from We suggest ordering at least a pack of red and black bands, and blue is also a good option.

sharkfit2Shark Fitness Training Online Workouts