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Shark Fitness Training – St. Louis’ premier boot camp since 2000

Are you looking for games, fun or results? If you choose your fitness training program by what type of music is played during class, how much fun the instructor claims you will have or how elaborate the website is…Shark Fitness is not for you. Our training is geared toward those who genuinely want to EARN legitimate results.

Shark Fitness has been the undisputed leader in boot camp fitness training in St. Louis for over a decade. We earned that title by providing an exceptionally safe and effective training environment for nearly all levels of fitness. We ask our clients for three simple things: arrive on time, work as hard as you can and pay attention to details. It’s really that simple yet many write with concerns that our program is too hard. Our program IS very tough…for everyone. Effective training is not easy. That said, each location has a very wide range of abilities yet all train together and leave equally exhausted.

There are many “boot camp” style programs to choose from in St. Louis. Many are taught by former Shark Fitness clients who water it down and sell it as their own. Some offer GroupOn deals that virtually give their program away. Would you trust a physician with a “Buy One Get One Free” sign on their office door? Our classes are about $10 each and our programs run in five week sessions…we do not offer discounts to fill our classes. The results speak for themselves.

There was a time when people understood that you had to work hard to achieve goals. Today, it seems that most are waiting for the easy, overnight and “fun” way to better health. Good luck with that. We promote the idea of working hard for 4 hours a week so that the other 164 are more productive, healthy and enjoyable. That’s a pretty good trade if you ask me. Shark Fitness: No Nonsense. No Excuses. Just Results!

Meet Your Trainers

Keath Hausher, President of Shark Fitness Training

Keath Hausher, President of Shark Fitness Training

President, Certified Master Fitness Trainer
Certified Optimal Sports Performance Training – Cooper Institute
Certified Fitness Trainer – ISSA

Keath’s day begins at 4:30am during the week and generally ends around 7:30pm when the last person drives away from the evening boot camp. Although the days are very long, it’s a job that he looks forward to each day. It isn’t often that someone can turn something they are very passionate into not one, but three successful careers.

What inspired Keath into a fitness career was the abundant amount of inaccurate, confusing and contradicting information available to the public about how to get healthy and fit. Ridiculous magazine articles, worthless supplements, countless gimmicks and quick fixes designed to offer a fast solution to a lifelong problem are not the answer. His direct style of communication aggressively promotes the values of hard work, dedication, sacrifice and attention to details. He believes that developing his clients’ mindset supersedes the physical training.

His dedication has earned several awards and recognition for making a positive impact on the St. Louis community, his business model and the success of his program. One of the Shark Fitness locations is recognized as being the largest single ongoing fitness boot camp in the United States.

When not in class, Keath presides over the Saint Louis Military Officer Support Foundation and Black Shield Defense. His interests include: shooting, archery, SCUBA, martial arts, hiking, aviation, military history, fishing, his Jeep and Harley. He lives in Des Peres with Gus…a German Shepherd/Boxer mix that was adopted from the Humane Society.

  • President / Lead Instructor-Shark Fitness Training
  • President / Lead Instructor – Saint Louis Military
  • Officers Support Foundation
  • President / Lead Instructor-Black Shield Defense Solutions
  • Certified Master Fitness Specialist-Cooper Institute
  • Certified Optimal Sports Performance Training-Cooper Institute
  • Certified Fitness Trainer-ISSA
  • 2013 Angel Award-Celebrate Fitness
  • 2013 Alive Magazine Named “Best Boot Camp”
  • 2012 Alive Magazine “Must-Try Fitness Program”
  • 2012 R.S.V.P. Health Magazine published author
  • “40 Under 40” Award-Class of 2008- St. Louis Business Journal
  • 2006 St. Louis Magazine “Shape Shifter”
  • Guest instructor at the United States Naval Academy
  • Developed and executed training program for the 2006 G4-2007, 2007 F2 & 2008 A1, 2016-2017 B-4 Sandhurst Team-United States Military Academy, West Point, NY
  • KMOV-STL Channel 4 (CBS)-Live weekly fitness segments 2006-2007
  • Strength and Conditioning Instructor- Patriot Lacrosse
  • Served as Athletic and Fitness Counselor for the Boy Scouts of America
  • Player/Coach Land Shark Softball and Volleyball (15 Championships)
  • Coached Youth Track and Soccer
  • Celebrate Fitness Committee Member since 2005

Dale Bauer, Lead Instructor


Certified Fitness Trainer – ISSA
Certified Group Fitness Instructor – Spinning

Dale and his wife Tina have been clients of Shark Fitness since 2008. They became class leaders in terms of attitude and intensity. That earned them the well deserved title of Client(s) of the Quarter. Not long after that, Dale approached us about being a Shark Fitness Trainer so he could pass on the same results he and Tina were earning in program. His long history of spinning instruction, ability to lead by example and dedication quickly earned him the respect and trust of our Clients.

He and Tina live in the Affton area with their two dogs, Thor and Van. When not in class, Dale cycles, enjoys fishing and volunteers with the Saint Louis Military Officer Support Foundation and the Delta Gamma Center.

Sarah Jaskiewicz

Lead Trainer, Certified Fitness Trainer – ISSA

Lisa Taylor


Brigit Johnson

Assistant Trainer

Megan O’Brien

Assistant Trainer & Marketing

What They Say About Us

“By choosing Shark Fitness, you are not just choosing a fitness class, you are choosing a lifestyle.”

Hope J.

Shark Fitness Client since 2008

“I take pride in being a Shark Fitness family member. I wear the logo proudly and invite all I know to come to class and join us. These classes, this family, is irreplaceable. I have seen lives literally changed for the better because of this class and family.”

Mandi S.

Shark Fitness Training Client since 2012

“More than the “scale victories,” I now have a mindset geared towards reclaiming my health and fitness. I am prioritizing my household’s well-being, making “Shark values” our family’s values with our kids moving, too. I am incredibly grateful for my Shark community, which has broadened my social connections to those who value hard work, personal responsibility, and commitment.”

Megan H.

Shark Fitness Training Client since 2014

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