We Need to Hear from YOU!

As you know, our outdoor TTH Francis Park and TTH Shaw Park sessions came to an end this week. We’d like to know if you plan to join us (or continue joining us) for our livestream ZOOM and on demand classes. Further explanation of each option is to the right.

There are 3 simple options. Please select one and submit:

    1. Are you already signed up for On Demand/ZOOM Classes?
    If so, we need to adjust your class fee since there is no in-person combo discount that applies for December.  Just selection option 1 and we will adjust your subscription level if needed.

    2. You want to join the On Demand and Zoom Classes!
    Just click the button below to get started. You’ll have access to our full on demand class library 24/7 and also find a category with our Zoom credentials if you’d like to join us live as follows: MWF 6am – 7am •  TTH 6pm – 7pm 8 TTH • Sat 8am – 9am • PLUS Open Office Hours 7-7:30pm Click here to subscribe.

    3. We do not recommend this option
    As of right now, we have tentative plans to be back in person in January at several locations, but the restrictions may kill all that. Everything is 100% COVID dependent, so we HIGHLY recommend that you kill the excuses and join us for livestream ZOOM or on demand classes.

    If you’re not sure if you’re subscribed or not, just drop a message in your confirmation selection and we’ll get it all sorted out.

    sharkfit2December 2020