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Get a High Tie-Off for your Resistance Bands!

Still looking for a high tie-off solution for your bands?

Set your training area up for success! Watch this video for a quick tutorial on an inexpensive and easy way to get a high tie-off! If you don’t have a pole, railing or other anchor point handy, you can order door attachments from our equipment supplier. Most importantly, you can add a second door attachment and large carabiners so you can set up a high tie off and a chest high tie off for most of our exercises and keep your transitions fast and seamless!

So, get that high tie off in place to get the most out of your training and work all the angles!

Order additional bands or door attachments here:

Caribiners can be found at hardware and outdoor recreation stores or online.

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Megan O'BrienGet a High Tie-Off for your Resistance Bands!