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The Top 5 Signs of an Effective Fitness Training Program

What is the difference between being active and training? There are five key points to identifying the difference between an activity and legitimate training program. How does your program stack up? Balance. Your program should address all areas of the body equally: top and bottom, front and back and side to side. Range of Motion. Each muscle of the body should be


Oblique Ab Exercise: Low to High Hack

This is a great exercise to target the guts, specifically the obliques, but you must be diligent about the form. You can perform this exercise with a cable machine set on the lowest anchor point or use resistance bands with a low tie-off. Begin with your resistance band tied off low; squat down with your upper body rotated 90 degrees


Put your money on resistance training!

The undisputed top value in exercise is resistance training.  It offers more benefits than any other method of training and be tailored to produce specific results for each area of the body.  Plus, if done correctly, has exceptional cardiovascular benefits as long as you don’t screw around between your sets and maintain an effective training heartrate.  Unlike any form of


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