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Preventing Ass Hickeys

Surround yourself with ASS KICKERS, not ASS KISSERS. The last few years have seen a nauseating campaign to save feelings at all costs…even if it results in the loss of lives. Perhaps the best evidence of this is the subject of obesity. Any attempt to candidly address the undeniable fact that America is obscenely fat and unhealthy is usually met with


Shoulder Safety

Do No Harm to Your Shoulders! Today we are teaching some key principles of shoulders safety while you train! Shark Fitness Training prides itself on ZERO preventable injuries in our 22+ year history because we train the right way! Injuries should NOT be expected when you train. That’s BS. Count on US to teach you the correct way to train


Snow Day Public Service Announcement

Keath has some winter weather tips for you and your kids!

Calculate Your Basal Metabolic Rate

What is BMR and How Do You Calculate It? How successful would you be playing darts blindfolded? It’s fair to say that luck would play a bigger part in hitting the bullseye than skill. Trying to manage your weight without knowing how many calories you consume and burn each day has an equal chance of success as not being able


“REEL” Failures – Identifying Crappy Fitness Advice

There is no shortage of ridiculous and dangerous fitness advice out there to consume. Just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s safe, productive or a valuable way to spend your time. Knowing what NOT to do is just as important as understanding what makes a solid, productive and safe program that will get you to your goals. Today Keath highlights


Keath’s Recommendations to Enhance Your Home Gym

Fitness equipment worth the investment • Disclaimer: Work Ethic Required for ALL Our online programs have, for some, been the link to sanity amid the ever-changing COVID circus. While much of America pointed the finger👉 at the virus for their weight gain…the Sharks flipped a different digit🖕and made groundbreakingprogress. Adding more equipment to a home gym is a great way to boost results.


Learn the Pre-fatigue Technique Sharks are Loving!

We’ve incorporated a great training technique to our boot camp classes in the last month – pre-fatigue – and Sharks are loving the results! There are several ways to incorporate this into your training regimen. For the upper body, set up for a regular set for either the chest or back and begin the set with a 30 second HOLD


Serving Size Shenanigans

Be Smarter Than The Label Makers! When you read food labels make sure you understand what they mean. Reeses came out with a 9″ Reeses peanut butter cup pie. It sold out in mere hours of the product launch! The serving size is equal to 160 calories, BUT there’s a catch! One serving is 1/48th of the pie! Check out


Halloween Challenge!

Shark Fitness Training has a two-pronged challenge for you this Halloween! 1. Pledge that you will have ZERO Halloween candy before, during and after Halloween. 2. Come up with something more creative than giving out candy for your trick-or-treaters. At Shark HQ we do “Push-Ups for Cash!” Trick-or-treaters earn cold hard cash for completing a certain number of push-ups for


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