Shark Fitness Basic Training Day 7

$75 first monthLet’s Go!

It’s time to take full advantage of what Shark Fitness Training boot camp has to offer. Sign up before February 28, 2021 with promo code SHARKLIFE and pay just $75 for your first month! When you sign up for our most popular boot camp plan – the all-access monthly subscription – you get:

  • Access 24/7 to our ever growing on demand library of boot camp classes
  • Entry to our livestream ZOOM classes – currently MWF 6a-7am CST, TTH 6pm-7pm CST, and Saturday 8am-9am CST. Sign in, share your video and our trainers will give you personal attention to make sure your form, intensity and tempo are correct.
  • Opportunities to participate in ZOOM open office hours to speak with our trainers about your questions, your goals and your results.

We recommend training with us 4x per week – at our regular price that’s just $8 per class. You can also rent individual classes for $10 each. It’s time to invest in your health.

Cancel anytime…but let’s face it, why would you when you get results?

We Want To Hear From You.

Do you have questions about our subscription plan? Do you have questions about form, what resistance bands or weight to use on various exercises, or why we use a specific tempo and order of exercises for our boot camps?  Let us know what questions you have and any feedback on our Basic Training Series.

    sharkfit2Shark Fitness Basic Training Day 7