Sarah Jaskiewicz

  • Certified Fitness Trainer-ISSA
  • Competed in gymnastics, tennis and dance

Sarah’s interest in health, nutrition and strength was sparked at a young age. She competed in gymnastics for ten years and included strength work and dance into her training. Her activities gave her a good understanding of her body and health. Both during and after her gymnastics, she played tennis and kept in shape.

She explored her creative side by studying drawing and sculpting at Fontbonne University and attended the Institute of Cosmetology in Minneapolis. Along the way, she continued to make health and wellness a priority in her life.

She was introduced to Shark Fitness in August of 2006 by her family members, Maureen and Karla who were Shark Fitness trainers and role models. After her first week in the program, she was “enamored by the incredible dynamic that the trainers and clientele shared.” Shark Fitness Training has given her another passion to improve her health, strength and discipline. She is very excited to share what she has learned.

sharkfit2Sarah Jaskiewicz