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200+ On Demand Classes • Outdoor Boot Camp Resumes March 1!

February marks the eleventh month of our online programs including reaching the milestone of the 200th live ZOOM class! I couldn’t be prouder of the Sharks who adapted and excelled to the new format…and the numbers continue to grow. Clients are thriving online, love the convenience of training hard at home and have been adding additional equipment such as BOSU balls, dumbbells and trap bars to provide more options to the program. An unexpected bonus to in-home online training has been seeing kids of all ages watching and participating with their parents. Little kids are learning the importance of taking care of their bodies and seeing firsthand what a real work ethic looks like. We are thrilled!

Speaking of kids…  I’ve often remarked that the best thing my parents ever gave me was a work ethic and the drive to do things well. My parents ruled the house with a firm hand and high expectations for my sisters and me from a very young age. There is a photo of me cutting grass at around the age of 6 on our Sears Craftsman riding mower. I’m sure that the lawn looked like crap and Dad had to constantly resharpen the blades after I ran over curbs and the decorative rocks around the flowerbeds…but I was working. There were always chores to do before I could have fun. As a teenager, I was my Dad’s free labor. He was a very talented construction superintendent, and I can’t recall a time when there wasn’t a new addition or renovation to the property.

Dad would intentionally have the building supplies dropped off a good distance away from where we worked so I would have something to do when not holding boards, passing nails or mixing mortar.  I hated the Saturday work party.  After lunch, I would get paroled and met my friends who often played catch in my front yard to rub it in while I worked.  Their taunting ended when dad put them to work a few times.

Looking back, it was the one thing I truly shared with my dad…and I learned a ton about building and fixing things. I spend a lot of time each year with high school age pre-military trainees through my non-profit, the Patriot Training Foundation. Most don’t know the difference between a crescent wrench and a ratchet…but they are really excited to learn.  It’s cool to watch them build a deck then stand back to admire their work.  Did your kids shovel snow this week?  Do they know basic skills?  Think about sitting on the deck for years after the family project was completed. Pre-COVID, Home Depot and Lowe’s often had workshops that teach the basics of home repair…take one with your kid. Think of down the road when you can make basic repairs instead of paying $100 an hour for a handyman. If Playstation or X-Box had an Extreme Snow Removal game, your kid would likely have the high score…but can they actually use a shovel?

Remember, you’re raising adults not kids.  Teach them to work by following YOUR example.  Shark Fitness is THE home to hard-working, motivated, selfless people who always seek a challenge and thrive on accomplishment.  Surround yourself with excellence.


Outdoor Boot Camp Resumes March 1!
It’s hard to believe with all this snow on the ground, but outdoor boot camp sessions are in sight! March 1 we head back outdoors for boot camp in Francis Park/St. Louis Hills on MWF from 6am-7am! We have limited spaces available and safety protocols in place. Class fee is $182 ($13/class).

Registrants can combine their in person training with a discounted subscription (+$32) to our on demand library and join any livestream ZOOM class throughout the month or take any class on demand 24/7.

Click here to register!

sharkfit2200+ On Demand Classes • Outdoor Boot Camp Resumes March 1!