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August 24, 2020

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

The Discovery Channel just wrapped up their annual Shark Week.  Not to be outdone, National Geographic had Sharkfest 2020 for FIVE weeks. Clearly, sharks are cool and super interesting…  Everyone WANTS to be one of our Sharks but for some there is an inhibitive, self-imposed hurdle in the way.

For 20 years, I’ve heard many comments about how people wish they could take our class.  Some claim to have physical issues while others honestly admit that they don’t want to work as hard as we do.  I understand the concerns about aggravating an existing injury…but we can easily work around most issues.  The second is just lazy…and lazy sucks.  I get that it’s easier to sit on the coach, take a half-assed program for 30 minutes then get falsely praised like you just climbed Mt. Everest or hop on the “my body is perfect and beautiful the way it is” nonsense.  Doing things the RIGHT way is rarely the easy way.  Can you think of a time when being healthy has been more on the forefront of our awareness and conversation than right now?  While many will point to kids, work, convenience, weather, lunar cycle, etc.…as to why they can’t prioritize health and fitness, others find ways to make it work.  There are those that get things done…and others who sit on the sidelines and watch.  What group are you are you in now?  What group would you like to be in?

The last few months have been very productive for our Sharks who in most cases have increased their weekly training time and cleaned up their diet.  As I see Sharks online and in person, I can see incredibly positive physical changes and a phenomenal level of resiliency at tough time!

Again, we find ourselves with two choices…creating something good out of adversity or using the situation as another excuse for being less healthy.  Life is full of decisions…and YOU do get to choose what type of person you want to be…a fighter or a quitter.  Shark Fitness has been THE choice for people who are serious about challenging themselves to be better…physically and mentally…for over 20 years.  If you are more concerned with the socializing during class, having fun or unearned high-fives…Shark Fitness isn’t for you.  We can accommodate a huge range of fitness levels…but we can’t fix lazy attitudes.  Join us…or just get out of our way.

Shark Fitness is currently running a hybrid of programs:  in-person outdoor, livestream and a library of over 80 on demand classes. There is something for everyone.  We welcomed a great group of new clients in August and they are already seeing results.

For each new, first-time monthly online or in person client that current Sharks invite to the program, you will receive 50% of their first session fee in credit or cash. Help us find some hard-working, serious trainees!

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Megan O'BrienAugust 24, 2020