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Your Glory Days Don’t Have to be in the Past

What a Year Thus Far!

Valentine’s Day went well, then the bottom fell out. Worldwide pandemic, riots, wildfires, hurricanes, political ads, more hurricanes…a lot more political ads. Halloween will have sling shots launching treats from the porch into open sacks on the street and some suggest that Thanksgiving should consist of liquids that can be sucked through masks. For some, it’s been a curl up in a corner moment…for others, it has been a call to action!  Most Sharks went from 2-3 days a week to 4…and they are seeing the results.  Projects have been completed, relationships rekindled, bodies have been hardened and minds strengthened.

That’s what Sharks do…they prioritize, succeed and kick ass! 

Halloween is this Saturday.  Like I mentioned previously, who knows what that looks like this year.  Rumor has is that the most common costume this year will be a hamster ball to maximize social distancing and total isolation from other organisms.

As in years past, I will not be handing out sugar to whoever decides to drop by.  As the little ones come to the door, I immediately tell them to hold off on the jokes (my sense of humor is not child-ready) and assume the push-up position.  The rates are as follows:  age 6 and under get $1 for each, age 6-12 get $1 for 2, age 12+ gets $1 for 4 and over 16 gets told to grow up and get a life.  Parents think it’s great until I mention that they will earn $1 for every ten they can crank out.

Smiles usually disappear and they walk quickly away recanting old college injuries as the reason for not taking the challenge.  I’m sure the kids will get plenty of sugary crap from others in the neighborhood but its my house that they remember.  Just maybe, it inspires a kid, parent or family to think about their health…that’s worth the $60-70 I give away each year.

There are a lot of reasons why people join our program.  Many talk about the glory days of being an athlete or in really good shape “before life got busy” and their training became a casualty. They get busy with careers and kids and move their own health to position of three or four on the list. Their guts grow, butts sag, chins multiply and the memory of feeling good about their bodies continues to become distant history.  Sometimes it is another increase in clothing size, a filterless kid’s remark about how you jiggle, getting winded too easily or a physician telling you to lose weight. It’s a tough pill to swallow when you realize that you’ve dropped the ball. That athlete is still in there. The fit and confident person is still in there.  Everyone has the ability to be an elite trainee…right now. Everyone CAN be fit and lean. It’s tough to get started again…but it is a lot harder to be fat and unhealthy.

There isn’t a better place to train than Shark Fitness for the last 20 years and those who have been gone a while are always welcome.  Just remember…lazy isn’t welcome here.   

Megan O'BrienYour Glory Days Don’t Have to be in the Past