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Lazy Isn’t Welcome Here

I am going to get right to the point this month…I have lied to you. For years I have claimed that everyone can do Shark Fitness and that isn’t true. Physically, we can accommodate a very wide range of fitness levels.  However, we only have room for a small segment of the population…those who possess a high degree of kickassery and an intolerance for bullshit. I hate lazy…honestly, I do. The Sharks hate lazy too. We all love people that work hard and are dedicated to get better regardless of where their starting point or current situation may be.

I want single moms with young triplets who head down to their basement four days a week to sweat online with us and went from 0 to 70 sit-ups in a year. I want the fractional CFO who works 60 hours a week and takes his son from hockey, martial arts and scuba training every week yet makes his own training a priority and shares the results. I want the ever-smiling interior designer and her mom who both suffer from painful medical conditions yet train in person and online each week. The mom said yesterday that she will have to modify a lot of the exercises but, “I’m here because I’m a Shark!”  I want the couple who push each other at home, in the garage, backyard and on vacation each week…it does not matter where they are…training never takes a break. I want the people who drive from 40 minutes away for class because they understand the value of the program and the people in it. I want the Rangers, SEALs, Green Berets, Raiders, soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen, cadets and midshipmen…they have trained with us for the last 16 years as they destroy the challenges ahead of them.

I want people who work hard both in and out of class and want to improve their nutrition. I couldn’t care less how many push-ups you can do, how much weight you need to lose or how fast and long you can run…as long as you give your best to get better at everything…every time.  All these folks and many more are SHARKS…they are champions in life…and they hate lazy.


Megan O'BrienLazy Isn’t Welcome Here