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One month left in 2020…how will it end for you? 

Healthwise, our Sharks will end the year on a very positive note and they will be in better shape than this time last year.  They have adapted, remained determined and truly kicked ass not only physically, but mentally as well.

We have clients who dropped A LOT of weight, reduced their daily medications by 70% and achieved things physically that they never thought possible…all during a time that many curled up in the corner and just quit. Unacceptable!

It’s been a tough year in many ways and unfortunately COVID and the holidays will get the get the blame for weight gain, laziness and lethargy…but not here!  Our clients continue to destroy personal bests and be the beacon of light for those around them.  How did you do?  Last week, a guy who graduated from West Point in 1990 said that he feels like he’s in the best shape of his life since joining Shark Fitness a few years ago.  Can you say something similar?

MORE Livestream ZOOM Boot Camp Classes + Open Office Hours Added in December!

Life is too short to screw around in programs that prepare you for book club instead of a kick ass life. Our outdoor boot camp sessions for December are SOLD OUT but you can join us for livestream and on demand classes.

NEW livestream interactive ZOOM programs begin December 1 (M/W/F 6:00am & Sat 8:00am) PLUS the addition of classes on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00-7:00pm.  Tuesdays will have open office hours for 30 minutes after class to answer questions or just chat.

NOTE: There are NO ZOOM classes December 24, 25, 26 and 31.

Our ever-growing library of on demand classes can be taken 24-hours a day.  You can still waste time at other “boot camp” classes that prance around and take selfies or train with military personnel around the world who succeed with Shark Fitness.  Just remember…lazy is never welcome here!

Shark GearNEW Shark Gear Just In Time for the Holidays!

Shark Fitness continues to add new gear to our online store!  Like our classes, we never stop searching for new ways to display your badassery!  Being a Shark is a way of life, a badge of distinction and brings a true feeling of pride!  If you aren’t one of us, get the hell out of our way…we have goals to crush.



Megan O'BrienOne month left in 2020…how will it end for you?