Preventing Ass Hickeys

Kick Ass

Surround yourself with ASS KICKERS, not ASS KISSERS.

The last few years have seen a nauseating campaign to save feelings at all costs…even if it results in the loss of lives. Perhaps the best evidence of this is the subject of obesity. Any attempt to candidly address the undeniable fact that America is obscenely fat and unhealthy is usually met with being labeled as a bully, fat-phobic, fat-shaming and running the risk of getting canceled.

After years of the body-positive movement, it’s fair to ask the timeless question…how is that working out? Answer: It isn’t. America has never been more unhealthy and it isn’t COVID’s fault.

What kind of people make up your inner circle?
Are they genuinely interested in your well-being?
Are they ass kissers
🍑💋or ass kickers 🍑💪?

I’ve repeated this story many times over the years in class but perhaps you haven’t heard it. Many years ago, four women met for lunch at a table very close to me. Three had a healthy weight, the fourth was exceptionally overweight. By the time lunch ended, the three lean women had a single glass of wine with their balsamic vinaigrette dressed salad. The obese woman ended with four glasses of wine and a salad with extra ranch dressing that she requested (check out the nutritional facts – 14g of fat and 260mg of sodium in 2 Tbsps!).

At one point, the heavy woman said that she couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t losing weight. Her ass-kissing friends cowardly replied that she didn’t need to lose weight and looked great…at least 80+ pounds over what would be considered healthy by medical standards.

I would like to think that, just maybe, one of the women reached out later and had the tough conversation…but I doubt it. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few comments made out of range of the larger friend. Those “friends” valued their own comfort more than the life of their unhealthy friend. At 80 pounds overweight, it isn’t a matter of IF she would have health issues related to obesity, but WHEN. She needs a better group of people to hang out with.

Pick a group of people that will hold you accountable, push you to succeed and be willing to have the tough conversations. It isn’t easy to tell someone that they are off the track regarding their health…but it’s easier than taking a seat on the bleachers and watching their demise. I bet almost all would leap into action if their friend climbed over the bridge rail and threatened to plunge into the water below…yet many will not only ignore but empower people to take their own lives via plate, glass and inactivity. The bridge is faster…but the results are the same. Do your job. I can tell you from repeated experiences that having a hand in changing the course of someone’s life for the better is an extraordinary thing.

Be an ass kicker.

sharkfit2Preventing Ass Hickeys