Serving Size Shenanigans

Serving Size Shenanigans

Be Smarter Than The Label Makers!

When you read food labels make sure you understand what they mean. Reeses came out with a 9″ Reeses peanut butter cup pie. It sold out in mere hours of the product launch!

The serving size is equal to 160 calories, BUT there’s a catch! One serving is 1/48th of the pie! Check out the video to see exactly what that looks like. Their advertising photography CERTAINLY doesn’t show 1/48th of the pie. The photo shows approximately 6 servings in the slice (960 calories).

You’d be hard pressed to cut that thing into 48 equal slices! Most people cut a pie into 10 pieces…if you did that with the Reeses pie, you’d be eating 768 calories in just once slice – about half your daily intake! The whole pie is 7,680 calories – and nobody needs that on their ass.

This ACTUALLY depicts about 6 servings in the slice shown.

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