Shoulder Safety

Do No Harm to Your Shoulders!

Today we are teaching some key principles of shoulders safety while you train! Shark Fitness Training prides itself on ZERO preventable injuries in our 22+ year history because we train the right way! Injuries should NOT be expected when you train. That’s BS. Count on US to teach you the correct way to train – not some fitness magazine looking to reinvent fitness principles every month or instagram reels aiming to get sponsorships. 🙄

RANGE OF MOTION We always stress executing a complete, SAFE range of motion. Many people take their range of motion to an unsafe point when they do chest flyes and/or chest presses. Are YOU taking it too far? Learn and properly execute the correct start and return positions for those exercises and you will save your shoulders extra wear and tear.

SKIP THE DIPS! Triceps dips are one of the most unsafe exercises you can do. They have limited range of motion and can cause shoulder impingement. The more effective and safer choice is properly executed triceps push-ups. If your trainer suggests you do triceps dips, get rid of them. You deserve better than someone who doesn’t understand basic anatomy of the shoulder.
Your shoulders will thank you for implementing these tips!

sharkfit2Shoulder Safety