Keath’s Recommendations to Enhance Your Home Gym

Fitness equipment worth the investment • Disclaimer: Work Ethic Required for ALL

Home Gym Recommendations

Our online programs have, for some, been the link to sanity amid the ever-changing COVID circus. While much of America pointed the finger👉 at the virus for their weight gain…the Sharks flipped a different digit🖕and made groundbreakingprogress.

Adding more equipment to a home gym is a great way to boost results. Here are a few simple ideas to getting the most from our program and complement the elastic fitness tubes. (A set of one red, one blue and one black resistance band is available here for less than $40 plus a FREE door attachment with our Shark Fitness discount.)

BOSU ball ($150) This simple device adds a whole new element to ab training. All ab exercises except for sit-ups can be performed with extra intensity on the flexible side of the BOSU. Note: Don’t be a moron and do squats with weight on the ball…that’s the reason Emergency Rooms exist.

Hex Bar ($175) This takes the place of our elastic tubes when doing squats and its value cannot be overstated. Your lower body is much stronger than your arms and shoulders which makes it difficult to hold enough tension to fully challenge the legs. Stepping inside the bar and grasping the handles gets the job done.

Adjustable Dumbbells (~$400) An entire rack of dumbbells can be replaced by ones that adjust by moving a pin or twisting a dial. A massive space and budget saver, when combined with an adjustable bench ($300) this gear can last for a lifetime of ass-kicking training. Powerblock and Bowflex are solid choices.

Function Trainer ($2000+) This is a costly piece of gear but takes the place of a lot of equipment. The adjustable height of the handles and dual weight stack occupies a small footprint but provides limitless options for turning goo into lean muscle. Lots of brand options are out there; holler if you have questions.

Shark Fitness Gear! Let’s not forget that Shark Gear can enhance your workout with its motivational value and the increased badassery effect on your training. Check out our entire catalog of clothing from our newest gear to classic designs! Click here to shop Shark Gear.

Reach out if you need additional help or suggestions. One more thought…just because you are training at home, don’t multi-task during your training time.  Keep the intensity high, the breaks short and the sweat flowing. The harder you train, the less you suck at life!

sharkfit2Keath’s Recommendations to Enhance Your Home Gym