Shoulder Safety

Do No Harm to Your Shoulders! Today we are teaching some key principles of shoulders safety while you train! Shark Fitness Training prides itself on ZERO preventable injuries in our 22+ year history because we train the right way! Injuries should NOT be expected when you train. That’s BS. Count on US to teach you the correct way to train


sharkfit2Shoulder Safety

“REEL” Failures – Identifying Crappy Fitness Advice

There is no shortage of ridiculous and dangerous fitness advice out there to consume. Just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean it’s safe, productive or a valuable way to spend your time. Knowing what NOT to do is just as important as understanding what makes a solid, productive and safe program that will get you to your goals. Today Keath highlights


sharkfit2“REEL” Failures – Identifying Crappy Fitness Advice

Keath’s Recommendations to Enhance Your Home Gym

Fitness equipment worth the investment • Disclaimer: Work Ethic Required for ALL Our online programs have, for some, been the link to sanity amid the ever-changing COVID circus. While much of America pointed the finger👉 at the virus for their weight gain…the Sharks flipped a different digit🖕and made groundbreakingprogress. Adding more equipment to a home gym is a great way to boost results.


sharkfit2Keath’s Recommendations to Enhance Your Home Gym

Learn the Pre-fatigue Technique Sharks are Loving!

We’ve incorporated a great training technique to our boot camp classes in the last month – pre-fatigue – and Sharks are loving the results! There are several ways to incorporate this into your training regimen. For the upper body, set up for a regular set for either the chest or back and begin the set with a 30 second HOLD


sharkfit2Learn the Pre-fatigue Technique Sharks are Loving!

How’s Your Posture?

Everyone wants to walk into a room projecting confidence, right? Did you know that 55% of communication is non-verbal (including posture)? I don’t know of anyone who would wants their first impression to be one of disinterest, lack of self-esteem or tiredness – all of which are communicated through poor posture. Today we are demonstrating four different exercises for the rear


sharkfit2How’s Your Posture?

Don’t Hold Back • Know Your Angles and Exercises

There are three critical angles to work when you train your back. You need a downward movement, a horizontal movement and an upward movement. Keath and Shea are demonstrating three basic exercises to cover all those movements. Reps and recommended weight are discussed below. 1. The wide grip pulldown (downward movement) Set your weights for your desired goal; pull the


sharkfit2Don’t Hold Back • Know Your Angles and Exercises

How Is Your Pull-Up Game?

Pull Yourself Up! The pull-up is an exercise that has been around for ages, and even though it’s a simple move, many people screw it up. ​​​​​​​2LT Limp is helping demonstrate the move today with clean, precise form – no swinging, kipping or jerking back and forth. We aren’t fans of anything but strict form because it doesn’t help in


sharkfit2How Is Your Pull-Up Game?

Amplify Your Ab Training

Though EVERY exercise can be an ab exercise, you can amplify your targeted abdominal training with some relatively inexpensive additions to your training equipment! That said, the most powerful weapons in the pursuit of a “6-pack” or a flat stomach are your fork and glass. Check out our equipment recommendations below and our video demonstrating how to use them effectively.


sharkfit2Amplify Your Ab Training

Ab Training 101

Today’s Shark U. is a mythbuster! What gives the illusion of a 6-pack of abs is actually one sheet of muscle that looks like different ones when you are lean enough that the ligaments press up against it. Check out our 90-second video with Keath and Shea demonstrating some common mistakes to avoid when training your abdominals. They’ll also teach


sharkfit2Ab Training 101

Common, But Dumb, “Combo Moves”

These two are ineffective, potentially dangerous and wasting your valuable time Knowing WHAT NOT TO DO when you train is just as important as knowing WHAT TO DO. Today Keath explains the reasons why two common “combo moves” are a bad idea and just not getting the job done. 🚫 Lunges + Biceps Curls Combo 🚫 Squats + Shoulder Press Combo


sharkfit2Common, But Dumb, “Combo Moves”

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