How’s Your Posture?

Rear Shoulders

Everyone wants to walk into a room projecting confidence, right? Did you know that 55% of communication is non-verbal (including posture)? I don’t know of anyone who would wants their first impression to be one of disinterest, lack of self-esteem or tiredness – all of which are communicated through poor posture.

Today we are demonstrating four different exercises for the rear shoulder that help improve posture. Besides projecting confidence, good posture results in a more balanced body, less physical fatigue and more efficient muscle movements. If you’re sitting for most of the day, staring down at a cell phone or even wearing high heels, your shoulders are probably enduring strain.

Few things are less inspiring than a dead fish sloppy handshake or slumped shoulders. Strong, fit Sharks own the room.

sharkfit2How’s Your Posture?