Caloric Equalization


Stair Climb

If weight management is your goal, it is incredibly valuable to know your caloric intake so you can win the numbers game of calories burned versus calories consumed.  Eat more than you burn…your butt gets bigger.

In today’s world, people are pretty quick to claim that they “deserve” something decadent for surviving another day on Earth.  Unfortunately, when we use food to celebrate, comfort or soothe, that often ends with “deserving” an unhealthy, overweight body. Let’s equate some food with the time required to level the playing field. Below are some common comfort foods with the number of minutes you would need to SPRINT UP STAIRS AT YOUR MAX HEART RATE to equalize the calories consumed with burned. Note: The numbers are based on a 155-pound person.

I glass of wine (150 calories) = 8.5 minutes

2 Tbsp of Jif peanut butter (190 calories) = 10.8 minutes

2 Tbsp of Nutella (200 calories) = 11.4 minutes

1 Baby Ruth candy bar (280 calories) = 15.9 minutes

1 slice of Papa John’s Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza (370 calories) = 21 minutes

Med size Butterfinger Blizzard-Dairy Queen (730 calories) = 40.7 minutes

Large Margarita (740 calories) = 42 minutes

Hardee’s Friscoburger (760 calories) = 43.2 minutes

Factory Nachos at Cheescake Factory (2650 calories) = 2 hours 30 minutes

Keep in mind, these are the number of minutes you’ll spend SPRINTING UP STAIRS at max speed without taking a break.

“Deserve” a healthy body…you can’t outrun a bad diet.

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