“Cardio” vs. Endurance

Fitness Truth Bomb! Strength Training IS Cardio Training!

The two basic categories of exercise are strength and endurance training.  Many incorrectly think that the term “cardio” doesn’t apply to weightlifting…that is wrong.  Cardiovascular training is anything that elevates and maintains the heartrate in the training zone for an extended period of time.  Ideally, that is 45 minutes or more.

Most who lift weights take too long between sets which allows the heart to return to a much lower or even resting rate.  If you are lifting with intensity, which means to at or near muscle failure, you should only take between 30 to 45 seconds between sets.  That preserves the cardiovascular benefit while gaining the superior benefits of resistance training.  So, put down your phone, skip the multi-tasking while training and hit the weights.

sharkfit2“Cardio” vs. Endurance