Easy Sucks. Hard Work Saves Lives.

Wouldn’t it be great to see years of neglect disappear in a couple of weeks with the help of a supplement, ointment or ingenious device? What if ANY level of activity worked? Strolling around the neighborhood, yoga or dance classes just don’t cut it. For physical training to be truly effective it has to be hard…really hard. It includes having a heart rate that is well into the red zone, breathing heavy enough to make it difficult to speak and of course…lots of sweat.

That means that it won’t be easy or fun. Progress from exercise requires that the muscles are fatigued to the point that they require rest between sessions so they can heal. That’s why you should feel some degree of soreness and tightness after every time you train.

So give your all each and every time. The exchange for your legitimate best effort is great health and fitness. What is more important than that?  If your response to this is, “At least I’m doing something…that’s better than nothing.”  I have one question, how is that working out for you? Are you lean? Are you strong? When is the last time your physician ended a visit with, “Keep doing exactly what your doing now and I’ll see you in a year.”?

Invest in yourself…train hard. After all, lazy is never welcome here.

sharkfit2Easy Sucks. Hard Work Saves Lives.