6 Straightforward Nutrition Tips

Here are some quick nutrition tips for optimal performance and weight management.

5-6 meals

1. Eat 5-6 small meals a day and choose your food based on what level of activity you have planned over the next three hours. More activity? More calories and more carbs. Sitting on your couch at the end of the day? Few calories and no carbs.

Hydrate2. Eat and hydrate before you train. This is true even for the early morning classes and training – but skip the caffeine.  The last thing you need before an intense ass kicking Shark Fitness boot camp is a stimulant that artificially elevates your heart rate. A light, healthy bowl of cereal or oatmeal and a banana is the perfect way to get your body ready for training. Plus, bananas taste the same coming up as they do going down…just warmer.

Post-Training Protein

3. Protein is an excellent POST exercise nutrient…not before. By the way, your body assimilates food at a much higher rate after intense HITT training that includes resistance exercises – up to five times better than endurance exercise alone.

Calorie Tracking App

4. Know what you’re eating and exactly how much. Use an app to accurately track your calories, macros and nutrients (sodium, cholesterol, sugar, etc.). Many clients have turned in a food log thinking it was right on track, and it turned out to be a total shit show. Write it down, evaluate it, make changes if needed.

No donuts

5. You cannot out train a crappy diet. Eating donuts after a bike race isn’t a “balance”…it’s stupid. Your ass can’t outrun your plate, glass, fork and excuses.


6. Take a multi-vitamin and whatever else your physician recommends. Don’t waste money on the other crap some supplement shop salesperson claims will grow muscle and lose fat without effort. There are no shortcuts or cheats to being healthy and fit…you have to work at it.

Life is too short to suck at taking care of your health.  Nobody has ever regretted being healthy…but there’s an ever-growing list of people who regret not taking care of themselves.  Be, live and think Shark Strong!

sharkfit26 Straightforward Nutrition Tips