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You’re Only Human, Huh?

Give yourself the green light to be exceptional

CJA Lacrosse

Last year, a local young women’s high school sports team asked me to be their strength and conditioning coach for the season. I had a great time working with them until COVID shut things down. What I enjoyed so much about the team was the eagerness to improve and their energetic attitude. I often stress that given their age and work ethic…nothing is out of reach for them. Anything is possible if they are willing to put in the time and effort needed to achieve it. They could be professionals, entrepreneurs, Generals, Admirals, astronauts or maybe a kickass mom who raises ultra-motivated kids in their likeness. It’s all in their realm of possibilities. I gave them the green light to be tough, competitive and exceptional…and their excitement built each time we trained.

I can’t help wondering what takes some people from having no limits and high expectations to a long list of self-imposed barriers that somehow validate not living up to their potential. Is it disgruntled educators, a bad boss, poor parenting, watching reality television or a bad spouse?

anchorsI’ve always challenged Sharks to identify the “anchors” in their life that attempt to sabotage the desire to succeed…and remove them.  Instead of listening to the naysayers, convince yourself that you can be lean and fit despite those around you who are likely unhealthy. They crap on you because it’s easier than fixing themselves. They tear you apart out of fear that if you get your act together, it will expose the flaws in them and increase the likelihood you’ll find better company elsewhere. Try some good old-fashioned leadership and get in front of this. Encourage them to join your campaign but especially regarding your health…you move forward regardless of their decision. It is literally your life that is held in the balance and you only have one of them.  Life is way too short to suck at being lean, fit and healthy.



Surround yourself with people you want to be like and those who propel and inspire your success – engines for your life. Look at any of our veteran Sharks (in person or livestream!)…they are far leaner, fitter, healthier and getting the more from life than the general population. As some Sharks say, they have “pace cars” in our class to motivate better performance.


They didn’t all start that way…they EARNED it by training hard and eating clean year after year. They are family leaders, business leaders, community leaders and volunteers. They are cancer fighters and survivors, military parents, entrepreneurs, teachers, and medical professionals. They are constantly striving to perform better, to know more and to carry their fitness success to other areas of their lives.

Look to our brother non-profit organization the Patriot Training Foundation training the honorable men and women who choose to serve our nation and communities. Just this week we have one PTF alum entering “Hell Week” – his final phase to become a Navy SEAL. Many are commissioning this week and taking their oath as officers in our armed forces. Another, a Marine CH-53 Captainhome on leave, made it a point to come train alongside the Sharks. Yet another, the first female in history to pass Air Force Special Operations selection, stopped by on leave and injected another dose of inspiration to our group. They are “only human”…just like YOU. Decide to be a remarkable one. 

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