Fixed Machine, Barbell or Dumbbells – Which is best and WHY!

Which is best

People are often intimidated by the free weights when they go to the gym and default to fixed machines, unintentionally performing less effective exercises. Gym confidence comes when you learn how to work in the gym – what exercises to perform, the proper sequence and tempo, and what equipment to use.

Today’s Shark U. lesson takes a look at the pros and cons among fixed machines, a barbell and dumbbells for performing a chest press. This video also teaches the proper, safe way to do a chest press with a barbell or dumbbells.

FIXED MACHINES – work on a lever system so you have zero control over the planes of movement
BARBELL – hands are set at a fixed width but you do have control over some planes of movement
DUMBBELLS – your hands are working independently and you control EVERY plane of movement

Get to the free weights and get the most out of your training!

sharkfit2Fixed Machine, Barbell or Dumbbells – Which is best and WHY!