Overcoming Adversity & Never Giving Up

Last night, I was flipping channels after another long day and stumbled upon the National Geographic Channel’s program about the Galapagos Islands.  It was either that or an endless selection of reality television shows about people behaving like idiots to the delight of viewers with bad taste in entertainment.  Anyway, they featured the Galapagos Woodpecker Finch that has a taste for grubs that have burrowed deep into the limbs of trees around the island. The little bird pecks away a hole, but often can’t reach the squirming meal with its beak. Over time, the bird learned to use a small twig to stab the grub and drag it out to be eaten. The finch found a way…it adapted. 

I know a guy who applied to a military academy three times before he was accepted. After four years, he fought hard to earn the right to attend BUD/S…the selection program for the Navy SEALs.  During the program, he was observed limping and was sent to the doctor.  Undaunted,he continued the program without a word after being told it was bursitis. After it worsened, a second visit discovered that he had a broken femur.  After healing, he started the program again only to once again get pulled, this time for excessive vomiting and losing 30 pounds in less than a week. He was furious. He never complained or quit…he was committed to succeed.

A friend and longtime client was told that he had cancer. For years, he fought through treatments, procedures, good news and bad news, yet remained one of our most consistent clients. Rarely without a smile, he’s out there in all types of weather working hard, giving his all. He could be sullen and defeated…but he chooses to fight.

When it comes to your well-being, only a fool would argue that something could be more important than your health, yet people will cook up one lame reason after another why they fail at taking care of themselves.  If you don’t already, start giving a shit about your body and being healthy.  To be successful, you have to adapt your life’s priorities, commit to what is necessary to succeed and fight the urge to half-ass your training or nutrition. I know a guy that can help you with all of these things.


There is no off-season when you train for life. 

sharkfit2Overcoming Adversity & Never Giving Up