Periodization Training

Frustrated by Training Plateaus?

Training plateaus, a stalling point in results, can be very frustrating and kill motivation.  It can happen to all fitness levels but especially those who are at the higher levels of the spectrum. Here is how to avoid those pitfalls when it comes to your exercise.

Age eventually catches up to us when it comes to strength training. Otherwise, you would see 60-year olds lifting their bumper with one hand while fixing a flat tire with the other. The key to continuing progress and staying motivated is periodization which allows you to see the needle move forward indefinitely.


Let’s start with your max weight that you can lift safely and accurately to a rep count of 8-10 times. Continue that program for 2-4 weeks until you see progress stall.


Reduce the weights by 20% (which will increase the repetitions) for the next 2-4 week period.


Finally, reduce the weights by another 20% for 2-3 weeks to finish the endurance cycle. After that, return to a heavy profile. In theory, as long as you have good tracking and a work ethic, you should see progress in each of the three cycles.

Working through periods of heavy strength, mid ranges and endurance lifting will also assure that you maintain a balanced and functional body. The key is to push to near or complete muscle failure each time. Heavy breathing, sweat and soreness ARE a requirement to getting the most from your training. Nobody in human history has ever wished to be weak and overweight…you don’t have to be an Olympian to train like one.  Your life DOES depend on it.

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