Put your money on resistance training!

The undisputed top value in exercise is resistance training.  It offers more benefits than any other method of training and be tailored to produce specific results for each area of the body.  Plus, if done correctly, has exceptional cardiovascular benefits as long as you don’t screw around between your sets and maintain an effective training heartrate.  Unlike any form of endurance training, resistance training works every muscle of the body to a full range of motion which preserves flexibility and functional strength.  It also has a very positive effect on bone density (osteoporosis).

Unfortunately, especially among women, strength training is thought to be good for one thing only…building massive size.  The truth is that you can adjust your training program to build strength, size or endurance for each area of the body based on how many repetitions it takes to reach fatigue for that group or individual muscle.  If you are more focused on endurance and weight loss, adjust the weight to hit failure in the 15-18 repetition zone.  If you want a balance of strength and endurance, target 10-12 reps.  Finally, if you do want to add shape or strength, jack the weights up to make 8-10 or even 6-8 reps a true challenge.

Keep in mind that muscle burns a lot more calories than fat so it will dramatically benefit those who are trying to slim down to have more lean muscle tissue.  You’ll lose more weight by grabbing your dumbbells than lacing up your running shoes.  Learn proper lifting techniques, muscle sequence and movement tempo to avoid injuries unlike the morons that turn weightlifting into a sick and dangerous game of doing as many reps as possible in a limited amount of time.

sharkfit2Put your money on resistance training!